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High performance boating, quiet and clean.

A Team Dedicated to Innovations.

Pure Watercraft was started in April 2011 with a dream to make boating clean and quiet, one step at a time. With the advent of electric cars, the necessary components are finally available to make electric boating really work. We think about the complete solution, taking into account the complete powertrain, charging, and the right hull. A professional engineering approach not only provides a better customer experience, but it also reduces the total cost of ownership.

Our Leadership

Andy Rebele

Pure Watercraft was founded in 2011 by Andy Rebele. Andy has been around boats for decades, as a rower, rowing coach, waterfront resident and boat owner. He founded CityAuction, an internet auction marketplace with a local focus, in 1997 (sold to what is now Interactive Corp in 1999), and was VP of business development at Webvan from 1999 to 2000. He studied Mathematical and Computational Science at Stanford, and Management at MIT Sloan School.

Chris Gil

Chris, our Director of Engineering, has been engineering complex systems for air, aerospace, land, and now water, since he started at Boeing in 1998. Along the way he has helped build Blue Origin as a private space program, and founded electric motorcycle company MotoVolta. At Pure Watercraft, Chris is applying lean engineering processes to a new field. Chris did his undergraduate engineering work at Florida State University, got his masters at Penn State University, and was on the biking team at both schools.

Peter Frykman

Peter leads Product at Pure Watercraft, drawing on his experience as engineer and entrepreneur to deeply understand our customers and deliver the right solution to them. Previously, as Founder and CEO of Driptech, Peter was recognized internationally for building high-impact teams and technology to improve the livelihood of poor farmers in emerging markets. Following Driptech’s acquisition in 2015 by the market leader in India, Peter has traveled and mentored other high-impact entrepreneurs. He is an avid rower and two time national champion for Stanford, where he received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering.

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