The Pure Outboard

Turn boating on its head: quiet, clean, high performance boating at the range you desire.

Maintenance, noise, gas smell, breakdowns.
This was the life of a boater, until now.

The Pure Outboard is designed to make boating simple. Just place the Pure Outboard on your outboard boat, and go, and you’ll have almost no engine maintenance for 10+ years, almost no noise, no fluids to check or fill, no seawater loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, and no trips to the gas station.

The Pure Outboard is designed to replace your existing 9.9 to 40 hp outboard motor. Our 20 kW motor (literally 26.8 HP) is so efficient that it can push a boat like a 40 HP gas outboard.

The charger can plug into any 120V or 240V outlet and can be connected on the dock if you wish. After a day of boating, your system can be full in less than 2 hours.

At 92 lbs, our outboard is easy to install, and works with a standard steering cable system. Safety is paramount. Our matched outboard and battery system enables a consistent communications link between outboard and battery. Small battery cells from a top-tier supplier mean that cell failures are rare and not as severe as those of large cells. And an active thermal management system keeps the cells operating at healthy temperatures while running and charging.


Rowing and sailing coaching are among the most demanding uses of an outboard. You need to run them 3+ hours per day, hundreds of days per year. Frequent shifting from forward to reverse and back punishes the lower unit. When used daily, outboards often last less than five years, even when properly maintained. Motor noise interferes with communication with the team, causes friction with neighbors, and worst of all, causes long term damage to your hearing. Propellers for standard outboards aren’t designed for modern low-wake coaching launches, so they are often a poor solution.

The Pure Outboard changes all that. We designed a propeller expressly for powering today’s low-wake coaching launches with our outboard, resulting in unparalleled efficiency. We start with a lightweight, nearly silent motor, and place it underwater, to keep it cool and isolate the noise. We use a closed cooling loop for the power electronics, which prevents the clogging and internal corrosion of a seawater loop, and a gear set and motor that change direction smoothly when moving between forward and reverse. It all adds up to a minimal maintenance, long life motor that is easy on the ears, enabling better relations with neighbors and better communication with athletes.

Our battery pack is also designed with coaching in mind. It’s matched with our motor, and designed using small cells for maximum safety and robustness. It’s rated to IP67 standards of water resistance, and thermally controlled to prevent overheating and premature aging of the pack in all rowing and sailing climates. One battery pack should be enough for most coaching needs, but battery packs can also be combined to be able to handle any length practice or race day.

Finally, our charging system is designed with fleets in mind, so teams with multiple launches can share a single charger for many of them, making the best use of scarce dock power to charge all of the launches as soon as possible to be ready for the next practice.


Conventional outboards have gotten much quieter over the past 30 years, mostly by directing the sources of noise underwater. That makes it easier on the boater, but much harder on the fish. So as you toil to make as little noise as possible, your motors signal your approach from literally miles away, and the effects of noise on fish’s hearing sensitivity can last for days[1] [2]. Even at idle speed, the larger motor is often too fast and too loud for fishing. Many fishermen use two outboards, one to get to the fishing site, and another to operate at the lower speeds required for their type of fishing.

By contrast, the Pure Outboard can go as slowly as a small electric trolling motor, or about as quickly as any 40 HP outboard. And the noise level is a small fraction of that produced by conventional gas outboards. The result is that you’ll only need one motor instead of two, and you make a much more stealthy approach to the fish.

Many fishing enthusiasts spend the week dreaming about the special time to be on the water. Isn’t it worth having as pleasant and quiet an experience as possible?


Boating time is special time. It’s a perfect way to entertain guests and get away from it all, to share, to talk, to enjoy time together. With a conventional gas outboard, significant time is spent refueling at a gas station or marina, and the conversation is conducted largely over the noise of the outboard. You only get to discover the serenity of your surroundings when the motor is turned off.

The Pure Outboard is quiet and always ready to go, because it is plugged in when docked. No time is wasted at the fuel dock, and no gas smell and no engine noise disturb the moment. It’s like every moment on the water is as breathtaking as the moment most people turn off the motor.


Pure Outboard

  • Power: 26.8 HP, with propulsion equivalent to gas outboards of up to 40 HP
  • Weight: about 92 lbs
  • Voltage: 350V
  • Prop RPM at peak power: 1500RPM
  • Propeller: 16″ diameter 3-blade propeller
  • Motor: 20 kW continuous power PMAC motor, passively cooled underwater in line with propeller
  • Motor controller: closed loop liquid cooled
  • Gear set: two-stage, 8:1 reduction

Pure Outboard Battery Pack

  • Voltage (nominal): 350V
  • Capacity: 6kWh (multiple packs can be combined for larger capacity)
  • Cells: 18650 form factor
  • Weight: about 93 lbs
  • Thermal management: active
  • Cycle life (number of cycles before losing 20% capacity): approximately 1500, enough for a half discharge every day for more than eight years

Note: specifications are approximate and subject to change.

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