A quiet, no-compromises runabout

In 2012, while developing the ideas behind Pure Watercraft, and learning what could be done with electric propulsion and boats, we built an electric runabout, 21’ long, with 280 HP of continuous power. It goes (still running!) up to 48 MPH (continuous), pulls a waterskier, and is quiet enough to allow for normal-volume conversations at full speed. Check out the videos:

The list of lessons learned is long. But even this early effort serves as perhaps the most exhilarating fast and fun runabout in which you can hear your fellow boaters talk.

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Chaz Contag

October 24, 2017 at 5:31 pm

wow, this seems really cool! I am part of a robotics team and we are designing an electric boat and would like to interview you, how should we contact you?

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