We haven't just built a better outboard, we've built a better experience.

We started this company in 2011 with a belief that boating could be made better and more environmentally sustainable. We truly want to lead a transformation of boating for the next generations to hit the water. A kind of revolutionary watercraft experience, designed and optimized for the way we live and boat now.

This novel, modern approach to motoring sets a new standard for quality and reliability, and our partnerships with hull manufacturers help ensure horsepower on our outboards is used and distributed efficiently to maximize performance. With a smooth ride and nearly noiseless energy transfer process, you can get peace and quiet on the water even when whipping around the lake. Plus, the added benefit of a zero emissions boating experience helps protect the waters for generations to come.

Whether you’re a lifelong boater or someone just getting (back) into boating, we’re excited to introduce you to a new era of boating.  We’re ready to make watercraft ownership more accessible and sustainable for you, and help more of you enjoy life on the water … now, and in the decades to come.

Meet Our Team

Alexander Oki
Head of Finance and Business Development

Choral enthusiast. Amateur waltzer.

Annie Zamojski
Product Manager

Avid skier and inspirational quote enthusiast. Deft provider of Seattle restaurant recommendations. 

Andrew Gaard
Mechanical Engineer

Collegiate rower, two-time national champion and Olympic hopeful. Fly fisherman and espresso connoisseur.

Akos Putz
Sr. Software Engineer

Hungarian expat. Amateur astrophotographer and professional sci-fi enthusiast. Owner of too many gadgets.

Michaela Flaherty
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Slow traveler, hockey player and New England native. 
Jason Farris
Head of Marketing, Sales and Service

Author at the intersection of leadership and sports. Lifelong boater and skier. Vintage hockey player.

Stuart Bayless
Assembly Technician

Bicyclist, musician, aviation historian and father of two teenage boys.

TJ Ewing
Head of Talent

Sailor, Traveler, Catalyst, speaks Hungarian, former Actor & Musician, and once upon a time Naval Architect

Ian Johnson
Mechanical Engineer

Skier, downhill skateboarder and world percussionist. 

Ben Utela
Mechanical Engineer

Runner, father of two, soccer enthusiast and part time resident of the San Juan islands.

Andy Rebele

Entrepreneur, fly fisherman, father and former collegiate rower. 

Gabe Johnson
Digital Marketing

Former small-time television personality, weekend bike builder and current restaurateur. 

Bobby Hejny
Principal Controls Engineer

Former Formula 1 electric motor controls engineer. Current rink rat and regular patron of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Hyunmin Park
Embedded Software Engineer

Admitted coffee-holic, beginning golfer and national park traveler. 

Chris Clarke
Sales Operations

Professional fixer and former collegiate band manager. 

David Bukacek

Hot sauce entrepreneur, marginally successful fisherman and dedicated outdoors-man. 

Alex Gustafsson
Sr. Electrical Engineer

Passionate about technology, electronics, and changing the world for the better

David Swenson
Mechanical Engineer

Fabricator and avid fisherman. Oilers fan and home gardener.

Ed Ives
Sales Ambassador

Olympic medalist, extreme Skater and wheat grass connoisseur. 

Phillipp Nonnast
Supply Chain Specialist

German national team rower and world champion. Nature and dog enthusiast. 

Konrad de Kock
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Hiker, traveler, snowboarder and avid outdoors-man.

Jerry Kavalieratos
Head of Supply Chain

Supply Chain guru, Airstream vagabond, and former Air Force Nuclear Combat Crew Commander

Tim Knapp
Electronics Technician

Jack of all trades and doting father of one. 

Tom Gruber
Head of Manufacturing Operations

Childhood disassembler of random mechanical devices. Lifelong boater and the unofficial mayor of Seattle’s Lake Union. 

Warren North
Assembly Technician

Coach and rower. Bike enthusiast and classically trained chef



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