About Us

About Us

It’s About the Water.

Pure Watercraft set out with a singular goal: to find a better way to push a boat. As it turns out, the best way is electric.

Founded in Seattle in 2011, Pure Watercraft is building the technologies to enable a new era in boating that is more enjoyable, accessible, and environmentally-friendly than ever before. Our flagship product, the Pure Outboard, is a high-performance electric outboard motor that is quiet, requires minimal maintenance, and produces zero emissions.

Pure Watercraft Electric Outboard Motor for Boats

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“A game changer…This is absolutely incredible and it will change the outboard boating industry.”Troy Lindner (Professional Bass Angler)

“I really wanted it to be good. It was the most exciting outboard ride, boat ride, I ever had.” Bob Ernst (Legendary US Rowing Coach)

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