Updates on Pure Watercraft, the Pure Outboard, technological innovations in boating, and general tips and guides.

A Thousand Cars Off the Road

What attracts most people to Pure Watercraft is the promise of a thrilling yet quiet ride in a high-performance electric boat. They want to catch more fish, have more peaceful conversations, and hear the sounds of nature. They want to tinker with boats less, and enjoy experiences more. The environmental impact matters, too. It matters […]

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Clean Slate

One of the most common questions that comes up when discussing Pure Watercraft is: why did we build so many of our components and capabilities in-house, when there are engineering consulting firms, electric motor manufacturers, and huge battery companies already serving the electric car business? The short answer is that through the process of testing […]

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Why an Outboard?

After my early experiences in boats led us to launch Pure Watercraft, we had to decide what to build first. Why an outboard motor? Why this power level? The answer begins with my move to Seattle. I came here for the first time in 1984, to row in the Opening Day regatta, so I got […]

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Why We Do It

“What possessed you?” asked University of Virginia rowing coach Kevin Sauer in 2016, toward the end of a long conversation about the details of the outboard motor we were developing. There are reasons we built the outboard motor we did, but the more important question is why we’re on this mission in the first place. […]

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Pure Watercraft’s New Battery Pack Dramatically Increases Range For a Powerful & Clean Boating Experience

Seattle, WA – December 13, 2018 – Located on the shore of Lake Union, Pure Watercraft set out to redefine boating with their Pure Outboard electric motor. In the process, they developed a battery pack with the highest energy density in marine, matching that of the best electric cars. The 118 lb battery pack uses […]

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Wye Island Challenge – an Epic Marathon

The Wye Island Challenge is an electric boat race that has run annually since 2001, which makes it a pretty unique venue to test electric boats. We took the Pure Outboard there to see how it stacked up in real-world conditions. Entries this year included a wide variety of hulls and power trains. There was […]

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