Pure Watercraft Rigid Inflatables

Co-designed with Highfield Boats specifically for Pure Watercraft, these integrated boat packages deliver performance and durability with the clean, quiet power of the Pure Watercraft outboard system.

Superb Performance

  • Top Speed: 25mph
  • Range at 5mph: 100mi
  • Range at top speed: 11mi

All of the benefits of the Pure Outboard all-electric system in a complete package

  • Silent propulsion
  • Zero emissions
  • No Maintenance

Hull made by Highfield, the world's #1 aluminum hull RIB manfacturer

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Aluminum hull
  • High-quality Materials

Pure Watercraft engineered these complete boat systems to out-perform any electric-powered RIB on the market. Reach out to us to get more information on these systems and how you can join the high-performance, electric boating revolution!

Pure Watercraft RIB Classic 360

Length: 11'10"

Dry Weight: 218lbs

Package Weight: 451lbs

Complete Package Price With Single Battery: $24,000

Pure Watercraft RIB Classic Deluxe 380

Length: 12'6"

Dry Weight: 375lbs

Package Weight: 608lbs

Complete Package Price With Single Battery: $29,000