Great for Pontoon Boats

Great for Pontoon Boats

This Sun Tracker 20 DLX Party Barge was outfitted with a Pure Watercraft outboard system to demonstrate how quiet, electric power can easily create the ideal cruising experience. Pre-order a one or two battery pack Pure Outboard system with a fully refundable $500 deposit and update your new or used pontoon boat with quiet, hassle-free electric power.

1 Battery Pack
2 Battery Packs

Your pre-order is fully-refundable at any time. Price subject to change until order is finalized. Balance of payment due upon finalization of your order. If you prefer to use a purchase order or pay by check, please contact us.

Performance Highlights

  • Top Speed14mph
    RangeUp to 50 miles
  • Top Speed14mph
    RangeUp to 50 miles

    Product total

    Options total

    Grand total


    • 25kW electric outboard motor with power tilt/trim (112 lbs)
    • One or more 8.85 kWh battery packs (118 lbs each)
    • Mobile charger connects to 120V & 240V outlets (30 lbs)
    • Bluetooth-enabled throttle
    • Connecting power cables, throttle cable and throttle mounting bracket
    • Pure Watercraft’s standard prop (16″)

    Easily repower any pontoon boat with a Pure Outboard system.

    How will you use your electric pontoon boat?

    Dinner Date

    You and your husband take the pontoon boat to your favorite restaurant at the nearby marina for a Friday night dinner. 

    Cocktail Cruise

    You take the pontoon boat out, pickup some friends and leisurely cruise while enjoying the sunset on the lake.

    Family Day

    You and the family head out to cool down from the heat for a day on the lake, including lunch and some tubing.

    Do you have questions about a specific boating scenario? Reach out to us using this form and we will contact you with personalized range and battery state-of-charge data.

    Modular Power
    Attractive but stowable, our patented Pure Watercraft battery pack system delivers the most energy per pound of any battery pack in marine and is designed to be used in a series so multiple packs (up to ten for demanding commercial applications) can be combined in different hull placement configurations to achieve maximum range.
    Total Control
    Our state-of-the-art, fully-integrated throttle, allows for total control of the Pure Watercraft outboard system and unlocks the true power of our all-electric powertrain. The unit constantly monitors and records all aspects of the Pure outboard system performance and is Bluetooth-enabled so updates to the system happen automatically, making the outboard smarter and more efficient.
    Plug and Play
    The Pure Watercraft custom cable system comprises just two cables which enable a simple 'plug and play' design. The IPX7-compliant cables deliver both high and low voltage power as well as the communication between system components to ensure simple, safe operation and water-tight connections.
    Rapid Charging
    The Pure Watercraft charging system is engineered to provide a clean, safe and rapid charging environment for our battery packs. The charger, which can be kept on a dock, in a garage/storage area or on the boat, allowing for charging at different destinations, will recharge a boat from half to full in as little as 90 minutes.
    Stay Connected
    Our mobile app securely connects you to your Pure outboard system via bluetooth to show charging status, manage system settings and deliver system updates. View trip maps and statistics from past trips, such as energy usage, top speed and more.

    Silent Propulsion

    Electric motors aren’t inherently silent. But they can be. That’s why we’ve spent years developing a proprietary gear set and motor control design to ensure our systems run quietly and with less vibration, all without sacrificing performance.

    Zero Maintenance

    Our fully-sealed electric outboard motor means there are no fluids to ever check or fill, no spark plugs, no cooling loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, no gear set rebuilding, and no annual winterization.

    No Emissions

    100%-clean, electric power flows effortlessly from our proprietary battery pack system producing zero emissions. No more oil or gas spills. No more inhaling noxious fumes or polluting petrochemical fluids directly into the water.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. With no impeller, there is no water intake, making it an ideal solution for any type of water and one that doesn’t transport organisms/species between different bodies of water. All parts are designed to prevent corrosion, enabling operation in saltwater environments.

    The battery packs are charged using Pure Watercraft’s charger, which can plug into any 120V or 240V 50 amp outlet. The charger is portable and can be kept on the dock, in the garage, or on the boat. It will recharge the system from half to full charge at 120V in 4.5 hours per battery pack, or at 240V in 90 minutes with 1 or 2 battery packs.

    There is no scheduled maintenance for the Pure Outboard. There is no need to winterize, nor is there a seawater loop to flush or impeller to replace. The gears will not chip, as is common in gas engines, because the gears are always engaged (the motor runs in reverse when the outboard is in reverse) resulting in no shifting. Depending on the environment in which the system is used, the sacrificial anode on the outboard may need to be replaced during the system lifetime to prevent corrosion on the rest of the motor. Replacement of the anode is quick,  inexpensive, and can be done with simple hand tools.

    The Pure Outboard should last more than ten years with daily leisure or commercial use.

    12V auxiliary power (up to 10A) is provided for accessories.

    You’ll cut your fuel cost by about 75% when switching from a gas outboard to the Pure Outboard.

    Product Specifications

    The Pure Outboard system and and this Suntracker 20DLX pontoon boat is the perfect pairing of comfort and clean, quiet power to take your cruising to the next level. Powered by the Pure Outboard system, almost any pontoon boat can enjoy maintenance-free, all-electric power without the hassle of ownership that comes with a conventional outboard. Pre-ordering a Pure Outboard system is easy with a $500 fully-refundable deposit.

    • Horsepower: 50 horsepower equivalent, but because of its light weight can be configured to be suitable for hulls rated for a 25 to 50HP
    • Weight: 112lbs
    • Water Resistance: IPX7
    • Voltage: 350V
    • Propeller Peak RPM: 1,500 RPM
    • Propeller: 16″ diameter 3-blade propeller
    • Motor: 25 kW continuous power PMAC motor, passively cooled underwater in line with propeller
      Integrated power tilt/trim
    • Voltage (nominal): 350V
    • Capacity: 8.8 kWh (multiple packs can be easily plugged together for larger capacity)
    • Energy density: 165 Wh/kg
    • Cells: Lithium-Ion
    • Weight: 118 lbs
    • Dimensions: 22.7 inches x 14.9 inches x 9.1 inches (577 mm x 379 mm x 231 mm)
    • Water Resistance: IPX7
    • Active thermal management to preserve battery life
    • Cycle life: approximately 1,500 full discharge cycles
    • GPS-enabled display screen shows state of charge, speed of travel, and travel time remaining
    • Includes magnetic kill switch with a floating lanyard
    • Ergonomic throttle handle with integrated tilt/trim button 
    • 12V auxiliary power up to 10A available for on-board electronics
    • Water Resistance: IPX7
    • Wireless communication allows for remote system diagnostics and firmware updates
    • Pairs with companion smartphone app  
    • Throttle can mount on its bottom or side, making it compatible with different helm configurations
    • 6.6 kW DC charger
    • Compatible with 120V and 240V outlets
    • Weight: 24 lbs
    • Charge Time: half to full in 90 minutes on 240V and 5 hours on 120V
    • Water Resistance: IPX6
    • Charges multiple battery packs together simultaneously

    Reserve your outboard system with a refundable deposit today.

    Pure Watercraft is currently shipping our electric outboard system but demand is very high. To ensure you get on the water in the quickest amount of time, place your $500, risk-free pre-order now at the top of this page in order to reserve your place in our production line.  Your deposit can be fully refunded at any time for any reason prior to order finalization. We will contact you as production of your product nears, at which point the balance of payment will be due upon finalization of your order. If you would like more information on how the Pure outboard system can work with particular boat or hull design, please get in touch with us using the form below.