What is the noise level of the Pure Watercraft electric outboard system compared to other outboards?

The Pure Outboard is far quieter than gas outboard engines at idle — a state at which boaters spend a surprising amount of time while tied up at the dock, loading/unloading and fishing or preparing riders for watersports. The decibel comparison diagram below shows how much more peaceful a Pure Outboard is … but the real enjoyment is the normal conversations you can now have onboard your boat and the sounds of nature no longer drummed out by your engine.

At wide open throttle — where wind and ambient noise dominates anyhow — the comparable gas outboard is still 20% louder than a Pure outboard. Relative to other electric brands, the Pure outboard was deemed superior in quietness to the Torqeedo electric system that was tested by the US Navy at Pend Oreille Lake in Idaho.


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