What is the range of the Pure Watercraft electric outboard system?

Range depends on the hull, propeller, speed, and number of battery packs.

  • Fishing: a bass pro competed in (and won) an all-day bass tournament on a small lake in California using 10 kWh (57% of two battery packs), using a Lund Fury 1600.
  • Pontoon boating: an 18′ pontoon boat could cruise at 4 mph for 4 hours, with a few bursts at 18 MPH, with one battery pack.
  • Coaching: a Still Water 25XL served a challenging 12 mile rowing practice of the NCAA Champion men’s team using 57% of a charge of one battery pack.
  • In general, 1 battery pack equals ~ 2 gallons of gas range (or more at low speed).

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