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Imagine a dramatically better boating experience at a much lower total cost of ownership. No more outboard maintenance. No more noxious fumes, spills or direct emissions and no more distracting noise while you’re connecting with friends and family in the outdoors.  Built around our industry leading, lithium-ion battery pack, the 50HP equivalent, Pure Watercraft electric outboard system represents years of development and a passionate focus on simplifying boat ownership and changing boating for the better. 

Our straight-to-the-customer delivery model means you will have a single, dedicated partner throughout the sales, delivery and ownership process.  Your electric outboard or complete electric boat will ship directly to you and our dedicated team of mobile field technicians will be there every step of the way to make sure your switch to clean, quiet, all-electric power is easy. 

Silent Propulsion

Electric motors aren’t inherently silent. But they can be. That’s why we’ve spent years developing a proprietary gear set and motor control design to ensure our systems run quietly and with less vibration, all without sacrificing performance.

Zero Emissions

100% clean electric power flows effortlessly from our proprietary battery pack system producing zero emissions. No more oil or gas spills. No more inhaling noxious fumes or polluting petrochemical fluids directly into the water.

No Maintenance

Our fully sealed electric outboard motor means there are no fluids to ever check or fill, no spark plugs, no cooling loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, no gear set rebuilding, and no annual winterization.



Modular Power
Attractive but stowable, our patented Pure Watercraft battery pack system delivers the most energy per pound of any battery pack in marine and is designed to be used in a series so multiple packs (up to ten for demanding commercial applications) can be combined in different hull placement configurations to achieve maximum range.
Total Control
Our state-of-the-art, fully-integrated throttle, allows for total control of the Pure Watercraft outboard system and unlocks the true power of our all-electric powertrain. The unit constantly monitors and records all aspects of the Pure outboard system performance and is Bluetooth-enabled so updates to the system happen automatically, making the outboard smarter and more efficient.
Plug and Play
The Pure Watercraft custom cable system comprises just two cables which enable a simple 'plug and play' design. The IPX7-compliant cables deliver both high and low voltage power as well as the communication between system components to ensure simple, safe operation and water-tight connections.
Rapid Charging
The Pure Watercraft charging system is engineered to provide a clean, safe and rapid charging environment for our battery packs. The charger, which can be kept on a dock, in a garage/storage area or on the boat, allowing for charging at different destinations, will recharge a boat from half to full in as little as 90 minutes.
Stay Connected
Our mobile app securely connects you to your Pure outboard system via bluetooth to show charging status, manage system settings and deliver system updates. View trip maps and statistics from past trips, such as energy usage, top speed and more.

“The quiet power offers a big advantage to catch more fish.”
Troy Lindner
Professional Bass Angler/TV Host 

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